Horizontal SS Series

Silver Series – An Overview

Upgrade with interchangeable technology!

The SlurryPro Silver Series is a heavy duty, proven range of horizontal and vertical slurry pumps in a wide range of sizes, available with both high chrome and different grades of rubber wearing parts. The SlurryPro Silver Series pump and spares range allows you to continue using your current pump and
pipe work configuration.

Horizontal SS Series Key Points

  • A complete range of sizes are available across the full selection of pump types and materials.
  • Components come in a range of elastomer and hard metal types and materials to suit any application, for maximum abrasion and corrosion resistance.
  • The removable cartridge-type bearing assembly facilitates easy on-site maintenance procedures.
  • A range of seal types are available to suit every requirement, including mechanical shaft seals to eliminate gland sealing water.

Standard Series Horizontal Performance Curves

The selection chart should be used as a basic guide only. This chart indicates the range and quantity of flow available from pumps with standard impellers. It can also, however, be used to obtain a preliminary pump selection providing the user is able to estimate the quantity of slurry to be pumped and the developed head required.